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We are now in the third year of the reorganization of our Association and the first year of the current Administration. 
We have had some very successful events over the past two and a half years. We have given scholarships to two sets of Applicants, recognized budding scholars through our revised Pelican Awards Program, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Barbados' independence, held a very successful Evening of Elegance, recognized local Barbadians for outstanding and continuous contributions to our community and the Nation.
We continue to support the needy, the sick and shut-ins, to teach good citizenship, to foster Immigration Seminars, to participate in community activities like The March of Dimes Walk, Public Broadcasting support logistics, and public relations and marketing efforts on behalf of Barbados.
We are now up dating our Face Book Page and our Website. The planned events for the rest of 2018 are: Our Annual Picnic on September 8th, and our Annual Church Service and our Scholarship Ball in November. We hope to have our application for 501 C ( 3 ) status approved before the end of 2018.
We intend to continue earning your support. Join us and help us grow stronger as the Nations' challenges (both USA and Barbados), become more acute. Individual Membership is $35.00 and Family Membership is $50.00 per year. We invite all well wishers to make donations to our Association to help us achieve our Vision and Mission.

Individual Membership = 35.00

Family membership = $50.00

Individual event ticket prices will be announced.

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Barbados Association of Atlanta

P.O. Box 372746

Decatur, Georgia 30034-997

For Questions E-mail Darcy King:  darcy_king1210@att.net ______________________

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Tickets for events can be purchased trough the website by credit card.

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Send Checks,  Money Orders and All Donations To: 
Secretary: Lucinda Cumberbach
E-mail: lucitacumberbatch@ymail.com 
Address: Barbados Association of Atlanta
P.O. Box 372746
Decatur, Georgia 30034-997mailto:lucitacumberbatch@ymail.comshapeimage_11_link_0
March of Dimes - March for Babies Charity Event
March of Dimes was a great success... Thank you to all of you who  supported our team.

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Click here to download the scholarship information PDFMembership_&_Contact_Us_files/Baa-Scholarship-Application%20-.docx
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