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Scholarship Information
Scholarship Information
Click here to download the scholarship application and additional information PDFScholarship_Info_files/Application%20for%20Memorial%20Scholarship%202018.pdf
Barbados Association of Atlanta
Romney Mosely ScholarshipScholarship_Info_files/Application%20for%20Memorial%20Scholarship%202018_1.pdf

This scholarship is open to any student in the Barbados Community of Barbadian Heritage
(Applicants are advised that prior to awards being announced to the public, judges must be satisfied that finalists are indeed of Barbadian heritage).

To assist students who have shown a sincere interest in obtaining a higher education degree by providing financial assistance in the form of a scholarship that can be utilized for all expenses.
Award Amount
Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $1,000.00.
Open to graduating high school seniors and College students
Must be enrolled in an accredited degree or certificate granting undergraduate in a private, technical or public college
Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
Students must submit a scholarship application 
Submission of a CV or Résumé
Comes from an income of under $49,000.00

Students need not have experience in every one of the categories listed below to be considered a strong applicant.  Please provide details about each activity such as: Project description, duties and responsibilities.

Volunteer experience or community activities
Leadership activities
Research experience
Work or internship experience
Honors, awards, and special recognition

Applicants for these awards are required to submit:
*Copies of two letters of recommendation, which addresses the student’s academic performance, his/her contribution to the community, and his/her potential for leadership in the community. One of these letters must be from an educational professional at the school the student currently attends. Letters from relatives or close friends are not recommended.

*Applicants currently attending an institution of higher learning must present evidence of continuing matriculation.
*Copy of the applicant’s most recent official transcript or academic record reflecting a current Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher.

Families of Board Members are not eligible for this scholarship.  
To ensure impartiality, applicants may not receive assistance from any Board Member when completing any part of the application, nor may any Board Member provide a letter of recommendation.
Application Period
The deadline for the application is October 25, 2018. 
Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for this scholarship.
Application Submittal
All applications for consideration must be submitted prior to the deadline to one of the following Address:
    Barbados Association of Atlanta
    P.O. Box 372746
    Decatur, Georgia 30034-997

Email: Barbadosassocatl@gmail.com

Scholarship Selection Committee
The Scholarship Selection Committee shall be comprised of at least five (5) members of the Barbados Association Board.  Decisions of the Committee shall be final.
Notification of Scholarship Awards
Recipient(s) will be notified of their selection by U.S. Postal mail, email and/or by telephone.

Complete and sign the Scholarship Application
Attach a copy of your Statement of Charges
Attach a copy of your most current transcript
Attach two Letter of Recommendation from an individual qualified to discuss the type of person you are and any challenges or obstacles you have overcome in order to pursue your education.
Attach a one to two page typed personal statement.  The statement should include: A brief summary of your background
Obstacles you have had to overcome in order to attend college
Your academic and career goals
A brief statement of your contribution made to your community and university

*Announcements of scholarship winners will be made during the Independence Gala.
*Distribution of scholarship monies will be contingent upon actual enrollment and attendance at the institute of higher learning and will be made directly to the student’s account at the school where he/she is enrolled.

Each entry must include:
An entry form
An autobiographical sketch which should include the applicant’s:
Goals and future plans
Inspirations and motivators in life
Rationale for chosen course of study
Sacrifices that were made by family to reach this point
Two letters of recommendation.
Most recent transcript of grades.
Name, address and phone number of Financial or Academic Advisor at the College.
Entries will be judged on:
*Academic performance
*Completeness of application
*Clarity of expression of goals and interests
*Persuasiveness of recommendations

*Make sure that the entry is complete (i.e., you have included all items requested)
*Make sure that the information requested is provided in the format and size or length requested.
*Clearly label each piece of paper in your entry. Where an item takes up more than a single page, please number each page.
*Only one entry will be considered per individual.
Click here to download the scholarship application and additional information PDFScholarship_Info_files/Baa-Scholarship-Application%20-.docx

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