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Barbados Association of Atlanta (BAA)
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Welcome to the Barbados Association Homepage. This is your one stop source for all Barbadian resources in the city of Atlanta.   We have a vibrant and active community and we strive to keep you informed about upcoming events and news from the island and the local community.

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 Barbados Association of Atlanta
P.O. Box 372746
Decatur, Georgia 30034-997

For Questions E-mail Darcy King:  darcy_king1210@att.net

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Chamberlin Bridge, Bridgetown

New Government in Barbadoshttps://barbadostoday.bb/2018/05/25/bpsa-welcomes-election-of-new-government/shapeimage_16_link_0
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Beautiful Barbados
Beautiful, beautiful Barbados Gem of the Caribbean Sea Come back to my island Barbados Come back to my island and me Please me come back where the night winds are blowing Come back to the surf and the sea You'll find rest, you'll find peace in Barbados Come back to my island and me.
The Merrymen,